Committee Meeting

Friday 25th March 2022 at 10.00am

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Present: Ernie Rivett, Eileen Perrigo, Alexa Baxter, Gillian Skelton, Debbie Hildick-Smith, Judy-Ann Cheevers, Roland Heathfield, Lynda Smith, Nigel Utting, Chris Constable, David Underhill

  1. Minutes of the meeting Sunday 27th February 2022 were approved.

  2. Minutes of the AGM Saturday 12th March 2022 were agreed for later approval.

  3. (ER) welcomed the two new Committee members Chris Constable and David Underhill.

He explained that meetings were limited to two hours and the committee was open to all ideas and suggestions for discussion.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (AB)presented the accounts for January and February.

These had a slightly different form with the major cost electricity now shown as a separate item. (DU) queried BBO costs and (AB) explained that we are now using our own WBC directors at a much cheaper cost than the £40 a session charged by EBU directors. Though Real Bridge appears to be free it must still use a director in some form in order to run a session.

5. Membership Report

5.1(LS) reported that we now have 200 members with one new member - Pat Brownbill. Close to end of probationary period: Gillian Montgomery - 20 April, Ingrid Boyd - 26 April, Suki Kilby - 26 April, Dawn Sullings - 26 April, Christine (Tina) Norris - 26 April.

Those members who have not renewed their subscription have been lapsed.

5.2 (DU) asked for information on the policy with regard to joining fees. (LS) explained that during the past year a full fee was charged regardless of the time of joining as due to Covid income was very low and that this had been previously agreed by the committee. In normal times the fee would be reduced as the year went on. This year new members will have their annual subscription adjusted pro-rata as the year progresses.

5.3 (NU) informed us that the Club constitution states that visitors are allowed 6 visits per year before being expected to join the Club. (ER) is to remind a visitor of this. Action(ER)

5.4 (LS) wondered if lapsed members should have their emails removed from the Pianola database but no decision was made on this.

6. Hill’s Trophy (ER) reported that the Angmering Community Centre has been provisionally booked for Sunday 27th November. (RH) confirmed that it will not be used as a Vaccination Centre in the future but uncertainty still remains on whether the event may be held face-to–face. (ER) said that decisions would have to be taken on the form of the event which in previous years has been from 11.00am-6.00pm with 2 breaks for lunch and tea. The entrance fee was £96 per team when last held but this would probably need to increase to £100 plus and (DH-S) asked what would be minimum number of teams to make the event viable at Angmering. This has still to be determined once the format is agreed, bearing in mind that fee of over £100 may not be acceptable.

(AB) added that, while Angmering will need to know quite soon whether we are confirming the booking, outside teams in the past have not committed until nearer the date. A possible alternative would be to hold the event in house and it was agreed that the matter will be considered further and a decision made at the next Committee meeting. Action (ER)

7. Spring Festival

7.1 Teams. (EP) is going to introduce her Tuesday afternoon and some Thursday afternoon players to Teams. However, after discussion, it was felt that these players might have more enjoyment from a separate competition rather than join in the major event. Alternative strategies were considered for the main competition such as a handicap system as was used successfully in the Winter League contest or stratification with one overall winner and one winner from teams with a given NGS or lower. (ER) will check if it possible to stratify in a teams event.Action (ER)

If two sessions are agreed then laptop input would be needed upstairs. Action (AB)

7.2 The Teams competition will start at 11.00am with one break for lunch between two sessions. The cost will be £12 per person with lunch included and free tea and coffee.

7.3 (ER) is to put up entry sheets for all the events in the Club and (RH) said that he can now take entries through the website. Action (ER)(RH)

7.4 It was agreed this year to discontinue the prize for the best dressed couple on Wednesday evening though of course it is hoped that this will not discourage finery. (LS) suggested that we needed a minimum number of tables for each competition and it was decided that at least 4 tables will be needed. In the past the number for the Men’s Pairs has been low.

7.5 (AB) is to find and order more glasses for the prize winners. Action (AB)

7.6 Discussion took place as to whether a random mixing of experienced and less players would be good. While this was not considered appropriate for the Festival the committee were in agreement with the principle that players progress better if they play with better people and that it is good to mingle with other Club members outside of usual partnerships. Suitable experienced players would have to be found if a Pro Am competition was heldand this would be brought up at the next meeting

8. Matters arising from the AGM

8.1 Associate membership for £5 to join WBC online sessions was agreed. This will be advertised on the Club website and with SCCBA with the hope of increasing numbers in our Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening sessions. It was agreed that these would continue to be offered at least until the end of April in the hope that by then the number of players will increase. (LS) asked for this possible closure date to be recognised so that players can be aware of this when buying their BBO $s. Action (RH)(NU)

8.2 (EP) explained that Anne Bello’s comments about using this Associate membership at the AGM referred to face to face playing at the Club on a Friday evening. The committee decided that play on the premises would be through an arrangement to hire the hall and that (EP) would discuss this with Anne Bello. Action (EP)

8.3 Advertising The committee decided to take up the current EBU offer of posters which will then be distributed around suitable sites by willing members. The posters would direct viewers to the Club website. Action (EP) (DH-S)

The suggested use of advertising in the local magazines will also be considered. Action (CC) 8.4 Help with BBO (NU) is to write a piece for the Website Action (NU) 8.5 Mentoring Two sessions will take place: Thurs 7th April, Thurs 21st April at 10am. Action (ER) 8.6 Monthly Teams Half the members registering an opinion at the AGM were happy to play either in the afternoon or evening but the remainder split equally between either afternoon or evening. This will be considered further at the next Committee meeting and a decision made.

8.7 Outside online matches Contact is to be maintained with Clubs met last year and matches arranged next winter. Action(ER) (GS) suggested that the SCCBA League matches are now taking place if members wish to play and we should support Sussex too in spite of some difficulties in the past. (DU) added that we could talk to local Clubs offering face to face or online matches. Action(DU) (LS) warned that we must be careful not to weaken attendance levels at the Club as our priority must be to increase the number of tables played within WBC and a match either face to face or online will involve 24 members of the Club who might then pass over their regular weekly play.

8.8 Committee photograph (NU) will either take or collect photographs from the Committee members. Action (NU)

8.9 (DU) offered to pursue attempts to introduce mini bridge sessions at appropriate local schools although at present schools will be trying to recover education lost during the pandemic. Action (DU)


9. AOB

9.1 (NU) reported that he and (EP) are looking into the Hosting system. Action (EP)(NU)

9.2 (AB) on behalf of the SCCBA reminded us of the Charity Competitions Day on April 2nd organised by Sussex, Kent and Surrey where Directors are giving their services free, the EBU is not charging and proceeds will be going to support relief in Ukraine.

9.3 It was agreed that Minutes will now be posted on the website as well as being put up on the Club notice board.


The date of the next meeting is Friday 29th April at 9.30am at Byron Road


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